Here I am!
I am Camilla and I was born in Sondrio in 1996 and I live in Naples, Italy. 
After graduating at Brera Academy of Fine Arts (BA Painting, 110L/110), I studied photography at the Professional School of Photography Mohole, in Milan.

My interest in combining photography and art comes from my need to express myself in a more complete way. Since 2015, I have produced in a variety of media documentary and storytelling projects, in which I have focused on evocative, imaginative and emotional pictures. 
I use my sensibility and creativity from my artistic background to give my own touch to the images.

In 2019 I was selected for the workshop of portrait photography with Paolo Verzone.
In September 2020 I attended the 4th edition of the Canon Student Development Programme at Visa pour L’Image.
In 2022 I was selected for the site-specific workshop “A Home of Pictures” with the artist Tom Lovelace and Eleonora Agostini in Podenzana (MC), promoted by Spazi Fotografici and Matèria for Lunigiana Land Art festival

In 2022 I attended the Dark Room course (I and II Level) with Luca Anzani in CFI, Naples.
In 2023 I was selected for the workshop with the Magnum photographer Newsha Tavakolian in Armani Silos (MI), promoted by Magnum Photos. 
In 2023 I attended the workshop “Officina Fotografia” with the photographer Yvonne De Rosa in Officine San Carlo, Naples. 

Camilla is a member of Associazione DIY.
Camilla is an artist of Looking for Art Gallery, Milan.
I cannot imagine my life without photography.
Since I was a child and used a camera for the first time, I have often wondered why I photograph. I have thought about it over and over again, but in all these years I have never come to a particularly satisfactory “philosophical” reason. I believe that I photograph for one reason: it makes me happy. 
I can’t remember anything that has ever made me happier than looking at the world through the camera. I don’t know where this happiness comes from, if it is something that’s in my blood, handed down to me from my grandfather, or if it is a passion that grew by chance on my first school trips or travels with my parents. 
In any case, the camera allows me to enter a world that is mine and mine alone, to look at things with my eyes, my vision, looking for some traces of beautyin the world. That particular beauty that can be found in the smallest of things, in the lines of a landscape, in the folds of a body. The poetry and beauty of the world of art where everything is fixed, eternal, magical.
Moreover, I have always be fascinated by people’s stories. I believe that photographers have a big responsibility, using their cameras to capture a significant event or tell a private story. I would like to have the opportunity to change or make something happen in the society with my projects. It would be my greatest achievement. 
Therefore, in a historic moment when life urges us to be fast, eclectic, multitasking, I feel the need to stop, take a break, focus on some thoughts, reasonings, moments...basically to Live
Photography allows me to do precisely this: to communicate with others, show what I feel and make it comprehensible without words. 
I cannot imagine my life without photography.
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